The Alabama Alliance for Arts Education
supports and advocates for
policies, practices, and partnerships  
that promote excellence
in arts education.

AAAE is a statewide partnership program
of the
 Alabama State Council on the Arts.



SAIL 2016
Instruction and

Reach out!
Show Your Colors!

Attend a
2016 SAIL Summertime Professional Development Workshop
in July.


Good News - Early Bird Registration
deadline is extended
to May 20, 2016
due to requests from school administrators

See all FOUR program options HERE.


We are pleased to announce that Gel Press is a 2016 co-sponsor of SAIL, through a generous donation of Gel Press Plates that will be used in our wonderful upcoming Creating Value Workshop, July 10-13.
The art produced during Creating Value will be featured in short poetic videos produced by participants. In addition, participants will be given a full setup of materials to take back to their classrooms.

Teachers, sign up for your summertime PD today!


The Alabama State Council on the Arts sent questionnaires to statewide candidates on September 8, 2014 regarding positions on state support for the arts. To view results in a particular district, please click here.

  • We believe...

    that all Alabamians should have equal opportunities to discover and
    to develop their talents.

  • We believe...

    that all Alabamians should have a sequential and comprehensive
    education in the arts.

  • We believe...

    that all Alabamians should gain enough knowledge about the arts in order to understand their own cultural heritage and the cultural heritage of others.

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Baldwin County Alliance for Arts Education

Support for programs is received from:

Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Alabama State Council on the Arts
National Endowment for the Arts
Support the Arts Tag

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  • Montgomery, Ala. – On Friday, April 29, at 1:00 p.m., ninety-five (95) students from across the state will be invited onstage at the State Capitol auditorium to receive an award for their creativity as visual artists. By submitting a painting, drawing, print, mixed media, sculpture, photography or digital art, each of these students won an award in their hometown district. Their work then traveled to Montgomery to be exhibited at the Georgine Clarke Alabama Artists Gallery, from April 1-29. The state exhibit will culminate with an award ceremony to honor these exceptional students, their teachers and their schools.